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From Jesus to Ieshuá

It is quite common for Henio come to our bed. Crosses the 10-meter corridor that separates its
Our room on the second floor of our house, quietly slips between my sheets and I hugs. Instinctively I wake up in places a foot on the ground. Even when he gets up to drink
water, I can hear their footsteps if you have small put the shoes or not done. He never does.

I quickly dispatched the two men talked, and I gone even before them. Today I have to feed
racks, and is important. We depend on your milk winter. The farm is located just outside
Lublin, just after crossing the river. " I think of the chapter that resulted last night my husband and I put it in connection with the biography of Justo. Biography is a ray of scrolls written in Aramaic not delivered to Samuel. Not for lack of confidence, but I had a premonition, should keep them safe.

The Chronicles are written in Greek, a language Samuel only knows. But the Aramaic language
our ancestors, and I learned from small but I read with difficulty, especially in some papyri as aged and delicate. I keep the scrolls in farm in a false bottom of the now empty box eggs.

I was born in 33 he was called Zadok, the son of Ratatouille the Pharisee. With barely eight years I was sent to Athens where I was trained in the arts and sciences. I turned 12 years later in the year 55. Suddenly checked terrible situation in which my people lived, doubly prisoner. First Empire, and after the corrupt leaders that drew Jews mercilessly chains that Rome had given them.

In 59 I met in the Temple of Jerusalem to James,s on of Joseph. Jacobopredicaba the teachings of their Ieshuá older brother, and wrote his memoirs, set hero's life was his brother began to become a legend, many circulating exaggerations about his life and death.

I realized then that my people did not have two channels but three. The third he imprisoned the soul, and were not other Jewish laws were interpreted benefit of the Sadducees. His brother James told me As a young Ieshuá was ordinary, even 27 years, when he felt he had to do something for their people. Many in his family were Essenes, however Ieshuá would not join any Jewish group might suggest to others that excluded them.

I accepted the request of James to write in Greek the 100 Ieshuá most important thoughts, workbook I called Ieshuá heritage.
Then we began to meet at my father, Tebiérades to discuss the teachings of
Ieshuá.Cada time there were more who gathered to study the inheritance was known Ieshuá.Santiago as the Just. While not teaching, think again.
He missed both misses his brother that he dedicated his reflections. It also asked the Lord to release Jewish people and the Roman chains saduceas, why ben Annas Annas, son already prosecute her brother asked for her to digest followers that his brother would never be safe, to He replied: Ieshuá is the messenger of God
salvation of those who want to save. And we will see a days above the clouds, sitting at the right hand of God.

At which the priests pushed and said they had committed suicide.

Zadok was known then as Tebiérades Fair in memory of his teacher, James the Just, who is
known today by the name given by the Church, Santiago, but at this point I needed more clean the stable manure and feed the cows.

I was worried that Samuel could think of life Yeshua, as we know it, since this is certainly a taboo subject in our culture. In our culture was a Hebrew Yeshua ordinary, who created a sufficient current hostile to Rome, which is why they hired a hit man, Paul of Tarsus, to pursue and annihilate. Paul then realized that group was an idealistic, disciplined, and could do better luck if placed at their service instead to stop them. To do so, according to tradition Hebrew, rebuilt his life, creating the institution of the Catholic Church, called to succeed the empire control of Western life.

Justo's writings could prove that Yeshua was more than a follower of the Hebrew scriptures, and heritage of their thoughts, lost in time, it might put light on the dark filed by the passage of time and people on their

I will never be a good boy

I've been discovered. I hide in the closet the class would cause problems for my family, but I
wrong: the will to me. This morning the teacher of large goat beards my Abba (and I call at home) and his look said it all. I remembered when I hit, when I fled the hospital so I would not vaccinated. I'm in trouble really distressing. Mama me defend, always does.

Obviously, in class today should be good. Still beyond. Should be the best child in the world. Not me think of anything more difficult to be nice to Latifa. As he sat at his desk even looked at me.
Obviously you must be angry. I have been very nasty with it. Not without some difficulty, we
I dedicate the best of my smiles ... Useless, I still ignored. I hate being ignored. I feel like throwing of hairs. Patience! When enraged Pope says that for married women need three things: money, patience, and be crazy. To take it need only wait with patience Latifa ...
The teacher continues today with numbers. Apparently we study the numbers were invented by the Arabs.

It is not common in schools, but it seems that in my school is Arab and Jewish families, so
decided to teach the Arabic numerals which are the use the rich. Many do not like. They say they will against the scriptures. But Judah's dad says that if someday we will have to make money the use. They are not difficult. I will count to a thousand. I think there are more numbers, but I do not think need. I will not be so rich. I decided to give a quarter to beards, the class is conducted without any skirmish between the two. But when my father will who is Henio forgive.

We left the yard. Half an hour's recess to eat the sandwich. We must be careful with older children.

We removed the sandwich, and then go hungry. Me do not dare. I do not care to quarrel, but
they are older. If necessary, they bite, and I have fear. The sandwich of Judah is always bigger, so we share it. Just finished listening to mourn a girl. Usual, but this time is Latifa. I go and see that you have removed the sandwich. Nothing unusual. But it seems that older children also insulted. It seems to be Muslim. I did not know, but neither had thought
that. I walk. The most thug is Elijah.

- What happens Elijah, now you get with the girls.

- And you that you care! Is your girlfriend?

- If I care. It is my classmate. It is not my girlfriend. Nor is my friend. But those who abuse the
girls is a bully. And a coward.

- It's a fine. I am not a coward. The girls have their own area, and this has happened to the football field, which is ours. If on the football field, we do whatever we want.

- Your only excuse is that is on the football field Are you bothered? They can not go to the football field to balonazos not give them, but we were not playing. Me no matter the excuse you use and misused Cobar ...

While he finished insult was launched on me. Get me down easily. It is larger and
stronger than me. Once on the ground, all the children older crowd around me and I begin to give kicks. See who got me out of this. It took several seconds, but I seemed minutes. I shrugged
about myself, hoping that at some point end my torment. At that time did not hurt,
simply rolled from one side to another like a ball football. Were kicking me until
tired and went away.

I was crying on the floor for a while. When lifting head, no one was left. He was alone. The
losers are always welcome. Nor was Latifa. He fled to his side of the patio. So I'm an idiot. Not
try to be good anymore. Also, I do not like school. So I will not return to class. I think escape. Recess ends, but I hide in the bathroom. Now if I start to hurt all body. I never cease to mourn, now if I was in trouble.

But I did not, had tried to be good, and the result is that I had been kicked. But that's not me matter, the worst is that no one is left with you. "

Where is Judah or Latifa? I feel like everyone. When I think one left to escape.
I hear the whistle of the teacher that indicates the end of recreation. All class are involved in a ruckus of screams. Then I run into a tree that is next the wall, climbed quickly, and I pick me on the other side of the wall. My freedom is absolute. But now. . What would I do? Abandoned for being good.


Henio rises in arms to his bed. Today's asleep earlier than usual. Usually stays to listen radio, simply because I listen to see attention. Today his body has had enough.

Sara and listening to the radio, and his face reflects the darkness of what you hear. At 19:00 hours on your habitual aggressive language has sent Adolf Hitler ultimatum to Poland. Or deliver Dazig row within 24 hours, or war is imminent. Since note that tomorrow is Tuesday, August 29, it appears indicate that it is prepared to attack first September. It seems an ultimatum to be met; is the final provocation to start a war it is obviously imminent.

If we had money, would close the house and we would with our family to a daze of Germany.
This is one of those nights when you just you feel like sleeping and waking recalling
nightmare last night. The problem is that no it is a nightmare, but the war to us
made above.

We went to bed. Still, night after night unsurpassed feel an attraction, or maybe not I want to overcome, to Sara, and she knows it. I think he funny, although we have not discussed the matter. In our people, sex, like so much else, is a taboo. There is, but nobody talks about it. It appears that is shameful. Actually, I think it is exciting, but if you say, I be labeled
Dionysian, hedonistic and sinful. I do not think sin love my wife, and do it with all my heart, and my whole body. If love is the light that illuminates the world, Passion is the heat that all living things need.

I like to surprise her, though I think I do, she has a sixth sense to perceive when he stalked and
I fall on it, I know long time makes me expected.

Sometimes I get surprise from the rear, in a and treacherous surprise attack like that of the Nazis. Enjoy your start, I like also liberate in the physical sense of the term. I sense that I will gently lose consciousness. Sometimes I prefer find the touch, and see how you react.
Almost without touching it, feel it and that she sits. It is not intended to address a new Henio, is a concerned to show how much I, at the risk have twice successfully.

Normally the fragrance of Sara, I find it enjoyable, but when cornered, the smell just me crazy. It makes me feel like a naughty child who after getting her sweet booty slips in encondrijo and enjoys giving his well-deserved feast.

Happiness is not absolute, but is full, it expands and explodes splattering of happiness to two people who do not need more reason to live, nor to give life. It is so easy to get carried away, lost in her, and finally meet. To realize that and we are just and as much as simply one.

John, the indomitable Essene

It's not the heat or fireplace. Nor is Henio, nor his father. Even the home and tranquility. It is a
If there is a heaven, it must be similar to nights in the company of my family. My little men have been doing homework together.

My husband Samuel persevere in religious education. A Unlike my environment, I think we should oriented, but is he who must find their way. Respect for the scriptures should not be construed as love for our chains. This is a reason every time most common discussion.

Dinner the side of a lamb sacrifice the weekend.
Accompany him some potatoes that
I got to sell this morning, because they were too small.
We first potatoes between crackling fireplace ashes. Take about half an hour in coals. Meanwhile, Eleazar continues Chronicles translating Teberíades Fair as every night. The Chronicles are a veritable family treasure. Little known story about Teberíades Fair. For some reason that is unknown, none of his works came to our times. To Henio that the unearthed among the remains of the old synagogue. What little we knew, until now, Justo, their place of birth; Tiberia. He was a historian who wrote the chronicles of the Jewish Wars. This book deeply angered the Jewish rulers since that exposed the betrayal of privileged caste people, who sold the Romans in exchange for power.

Particularly disturbing were the Chronicles of Fair Teberíades for Matityahou ben Yossef, historian Pharisee, born in 37 d.
C within a wealthy family of priests. Educated in Rome grew up with genuine love for his people, who fought during the Great Jewish Revolt against the Romans,
when he was 29 years old.
Arrested and beaten was brought to Rome, where his will was overpowered to the Roman power. In order to save his life betrayed the Jewish people swearing allegiance to the emperor Roman. Then came his soul into the dark world of ensonbrecer trying shadows reality. Was then again named Josephus, Roman official historian, who won the name
Titus Flavius patriarch, distorting systematically the reality of his people.

Fair historian wrote the real Teberíades history of occupation and the subsequent wars
Jewish, Hebrew denouncing the treachery of birth as ben Yossef and consecrated as Flavio Matityahou Josephus for posterity.

Teberíades Fair was arrested and killed in Jerusalem.
His family was also killed, their properties were burnt and destroyed his work.

However, one of his students managed to escape with a copy of his Chronicles, lost the trail more beyond the borders of the Roman Empire.
Almost two thousand years later, Samuel read the real story Jewish people:

3726 was the year after the genesis of the world, when the land of Israel and his sons were
easily conquered by the Roman Empire because of the division of the Hebrew people.
The town has been chosen characterized by a coexistence difficult., and so
wrote the former with the allegory of Cain and Abel.

The division into tribes and then first in class brings social conflict is but a reflection of prevailing injustice a society thirsty Justice.
The company at the time of Herod could described as follows:

Extraordinary privileges were Sadducees followers of Zadok, high priest of the time
They were the priestly aristocracy. Normally the Sadducees were the high priests.
Rich, licentious and hypocritical life, but institutions dominated strongly organized
religious and with them the Jewish people.

The priests and Levites.
The former were descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses. Maintained the control of the church organized in 24 groups, aided 400 Levites, descendants of the tribe of Levi, which clergy formed the second category.

The Pharisees formed the pious bourgeoisie. Merchants, artisans, and citizens are well positioned
were extremely scrupulous in fulfilling religious law.
They expected the Messiah who would deliver the people from the yoke of the Romans and were preparing to law enforcement, giving special importance to prayer, fasting and holiness of the Sabbath.

Individual can be classified as collaborators with the Romans or nationalist jews.
Typically, greater wealth, higher affinity with the Romans, although it is true that the higher affinity with the Romans, they got richer. The town, a very impoverished and brutalized by violence, theft and abuse. A perfect breeding ground for the riots and leaders who germinated in a society thirsty for justice.

Finally, three small numbers but important, the scribes, scholars of the law.
Were Theologians, judges and teachers. Publicans, tax collectors and leases and Essenes, a division of the Pharisees who were trying find inner peace by withdrawing into the wilderness meditate, creating religious communities. The Essenes, conceived of liberation, not with the arrival of a
Messiah, but through mystical union with God.

During the year 3786 arrived and John son of Zechariah Isabel Essene community of Damascus, located Dead Sea.
John felt he wanted to become a member community for which it should be taught and after spending two years of probation prior to the votes of income. They were required humility and discipline and study as a means to achieve union with God.

Juan was convinced that the Kingdom of God required an active struggle, and there was simply waiting why he left the community, and began preaching in the desert in the year 3789.
The people Hebrew is not only a prisoner of the empire Roman, but also of the Hebrew proper collaborators, among whom were Sadducees, collectors and even kings.

The liberation of the Jews would thus have three stages According to John, the first break the chains of privileged classes, the second would remove the Roman oppression and the latter would come from the hand of Messiah who would bring about human liberation
of his own sin, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God.

Even Jewish historians getting free of supernatural beliefs when
write history.
I realize that my people is aware that it is beliefs transcend human reality. There is no way of knowing if they ever reach the Kingdom of God.
Not even no way to know if God exists.

To guide mankind to the existence of a Being and creator of the universe before me like a rash
equipped, either by a disorderly group of wild or either by an ordered group of tyrants.
The result is for thousands of years, a minority of Jews, converted into a parasitic caste has oppressed the vast majority, under the pretext of being the divine representatives of God.

- The potatoes will soon be, the better you put the lamb on the grill - I interrupted him to Samuel.
I know you like cooking, and feel useful at home. After continues:

John the Baptist was a Jewish rebel, but not unique.
The discontent of the people to their
rulers, the privileged, and dominators translate into an incessant drip of leaders denouncing the abuses of the privileged, like Herod, who married his brother's wife, provoking the wrath of John the Baptist.

That Herod imprisoned John and Salome stepdaughter of Herod and Herodias asked his stepfather the head of John the Baptist.
It would not be the first or last time the defendant ordered the execution of messenger to try to erase her shame.

At this point, Henio has already fallen asleep, so I ask Samuel to put out the fire, while I just I can lift, it is a child of nine years, and clothing in his bed.

The largest of the small There were many more in the first day of school. I met all the children in my class.
Us were three classes, the first language, with Mr. of barbs. The second in mathematics and a master nice with a very large bespectacled and third language, we gave Mrs. Nowicki. The Lady Nowicki has a very large hips. If you fall above me, I probably would crush and kill me.
He has blond hair and cheeks also a very large and crush a tiny red nose, compared with
everything else is great.
At recess I sought
I found it in the zone on the swings, playing
only in the sand.

- Come with us, we will fly a plane.

The game was to get on the branch of a tree lush and pretend it was a plane.
Of course the driver risks being bombed from the soil enemy positions, often very belligerent Captain, you normally find their bones on the floor third or fourth pine needles.

The food was really a disaster.
I think it was in many cooked vegetables, but also lent him
much attention, ended up conveniently as hidden in the bag Latifa.
So learn to mess with me. If he wanted war, had me found.

After we had left us a little rest.
Not seemed that we had an alternative. We lie in
some mattresses and we fell asleep for a while. While I pretended to be asleep I saw Mrs. Nowicki walked up and down, watching their prey. Escape was impossible so I opted for a convenient surrender, and so try to remember the damn dream always managed to escape.

The end of the day had arrived.
I was really worried. If Mr of beards told my father that I had hidden in the closet class could cause serious problems. I was playing with Judah when my father came to us. His hope that the beard would have had other children quartered, and had forgotten the little slip of closet.

- What was your first day at school?
by now, there was no reference to the incident. Perhaps
would be a test.
Then it would be even worse. Me accuse of rebellion and a liar. I no longer had a problem. Now I had two.

- Well ...
Girls are idiots - that was all I could think of to divert the attention of my Double unforgivable crime

- Why do you say that?
Mom is good. And it's a girl

Honestly, if Mom is a girl, not looks. They are the opposite.
Perhaps it is to be made good over time. Or that my mom is special. Sea In any case, I decided not to maintain contact with them until whichever is greater. At least until you're 20.

- Mama is not a child, is greater - seems my strategy achieved its objectives.
My father did not know my rebellion, and my life was safe for now.

On Judah had not fared much better.
Apparently He had played in the class with a group of children Jews said that their parents spoil. Sometimes they insult us by our religion, but my father says so that we win the sky. For now, I settle for not insulting me.

I know Judah.
If you have been told that a Jew will be stayed in a corner without looking at anyone, wishing end of the day to fly home. It is a coward, but it is my best friend. I am strong and defend him. When I can.

On the way back Judah has been silent.
Not seems that the first day of school will have excited.

We left him at home, where he received his mother.
Continue sad, as always, but give me a piece of cake. What I eat, the truth is that not eating causes terribly hungry.

When I see our house I begin to run.
When I Mom is sewing and run to hug and kiss. I've missed. Especially when it was locked in the closet. But it is better not to think about So do not go to find my father. It was a great day. Now I'm the oldest of the children. Soon I will be the largest of the elderly.

An individual with an ideaHenio turns out to be a great alarm clock.
They have not
the first rays peering through the window when it comes quietly in our room and sleeps with her
Sara hug and go back to sleep.

Love is the light that illuminates the world, however the morning light that wake you are not
enjoyable as the first love.
Just three to go days to collect my salary, but a few days ago we
ran out of budget.
And we have one month mortgage. It seems that the situation can be put

The little milk that remains is for Henio, so I settle for a coffee, although mistaken, gives
I say goodbye to Sara with a slight kiss. I sense a certain sadness in it. We went to pick up kid of Loew. The Loew are not physically powerful, but quite the opposite. Usually timid, and with few social skills. It seems having a great capacity to love, or be loved. But for centuries have developed a commendable ability to earn incredible. The Greed is a powerful motivation when not has another. When I leave Henio in their class, their
Professor makes a gesture to me that I went:

Yesterday Henio hid in the wardrobe and I could not find him until he began to mourn.

- Aha!
So that was what worried him. Yesterday went all the way back quiet. It's so naughty as intelligent. Tie short, you ride a chicken As you turn around.

- Good morning, students.
Today we use the theory diminishing returns to explain why
increased production may lead to an increased

Actually this theory was superseded by John Stuart Mill, who showed that the productivity gains
could reverse the process, causing more lead to a reduction of production cost, and Therefore the price.

David Ricardo took his theory of Turgot, who observed that if we increased the 100 seeds sown
amento got a certain, which will be reduced in an additional increase of 100 seeds.
In our
example we can say that the satisfaction we get Our second date is lower than the first.

Diculpeme Zytomirski professor, I do not agree. It was the young man who had used during the
first class, it seems that he was willing to counterattack.

- Well, it seems we have a real Don Juan - I joked

- Well, not only is the example, I do not think Turgot were correct, the problem is not available
of technical innovations that made more fertile land.

- Certainly, congratulations.
So in an industry How do you think anyone is the income if we increase additional units of product?

- Depends ...
the principle will always be growing, the
end, clog machinery, land, or
people and will be reduced.

- Could you draw on the whiteboard as it would in a graph?
I explain. First proposed a table with two columns, the first number one seed column and the second the number of spikes
Then draw a graph with two axes: One horizontal and one vertical. Finally, tap the
points found in your table, and attach a Online ...
or curve

The truth is that it was a pleasure to meet students rebels, they make no effort class. If in addition rebels, have founded, then the class becomes a mutually enriching dialogue.
While drawing the graph on the board remember his name, it is Eizan.
I had never heard that name, appeared to have Jewish ancestry. However, seemed to have a knack for the economy.

- It appears that you draw a U ...

-Because the graph is U-shaped

-Think you now in global terms.
If we increase the number of people, after all we are enhancing the use of labor. Will they be diminishing returns?

In theory if ....

- Then, in the end the man's ability to wheat planting in the end will be proportionally less than
production, and to continue growth world population, this would lead inevitably
to famine.

- I had just set out the theories of Malthus, friend David Ricardo, and who developed theories
Malthusian growth: We are committed to famines and wars to control the population at the end could not eat.

- Look, do not agree.

- Well, you're putting you all in check economists of the nineteenth and twentieth ...

- The question is not whether or not put in check, is to know if they were right.
Indeed, the final resource finite natural, and as such are gone, but not have the human factor. With our ability to
invent always get boost productivity other factors.
I mean, the man not only planting, sowing machines also invents ...

- Well, actually makes perfect sense what he says You would lead us to the theories which outperformed David Ricardo and Malthus, and lead us to the dawn of this century to John Stuart Mill But this will object of another class, just give him two tracks. Its chief work is entitled "On Liberty" and could summarize your life in a phrase of his:

An individual with a better idea of ninety-nine with a single interest

David Ricardo´s economic theory

Today I face my first class as teacher economy. Not that I dislike teaching, I love; but behind me and even my brash extroversion is a fearful person.

Students in grade 12 study different subjects such as law, Economics or Introduction to Medicine for having own criteria for choosing what their race.

Since women do not go to college, only there are teenage boys in my class. I see injustice, and characteristic of a society in which it is understood that woman is at the service of man, but as a mark tradition, and it should be.

I decided to start with David Ricardo, just because the first steps of Adam Smith in science the economy was like a baby three years. The baby first becomes erect and takes a step. The single, most important, for him and his parents. Its great first step, but his technique ridiculous if we mean.

Good afternoon. Welcome to Economics class. Here teach them the truth of the street. If you want to know the truth of man, come to your synagogue, if want to know the truth of the political class Law. Economy will like more or less than the religion or law, but I assure you they lie significantly less than both.

For the smiles of my students, I knew I had good start, and that's all I needed. The geometry shows that the brand direction of the vector the trajectory. In this life, much of the success is a good start, the rest is that Pigamilion scholars call the effect is responsible.

According to this effect our performance is directly proportional to the expectations generated by the simple fact that we try not to frustrate. The Pygmalion effect can have a motivating effect and positive and negative or frustrating. It depends circle vicious or virtuous generated.

Begin with the Hebrew origin economist David Ricardo, for two reasons, because in his theories the next 50 years based on his doctrine, and because was a successful man in finance. His essay "Principles of Political Economy and tribulation" griten in 1817 was not surpassed until John Maynard Keinewrote his General Theory of Employment, Interest and money in 1936

-Ud. that of the last row ... How would you describe first kiss he gave his girlfriend?

-Of course the laughter was unanimous, and FACE She seemed suddenly a damn about to burst.

-Well ...

- Just okay? I need someone more manly ....

He had finished the job. I like to explain how students associate the event concepts and
thus joins the long-term memory.

However, like any technology, it is preferable not to abuse, exception because he repeated with some frequency, is becomes normal

- You who still have not removed the cap. Has ever kissed a girl? - Asked treason

- Yes ...

-What did you like? To you I mean. Assume that she forgot ...

- Yes.

- What about the second kiss, liked as much as the first?

- Well, I would say no ...

You have just discovered the law of returns diminishing marginal, theory based on the
microeconomics, and some other things.

Laugh lasted several minutes. With my little Orthodox procedure that students are not getting
forget the concept, now associated with the fact that like the first kiss, there is none, and gave a good beginning to microeconomics, which certainly requires a mathematical effort for proper understanding.

The law of marginal returns states that if add additional quantities of a resource (a kiss) and still keep those of others (the hands, example) get an additional amount of product increasingly smaller. Otherwise we get probably a slap ...

Sara has gone to some of my classes. He does not like. Think I'm steeped in machismo that dominates traditional Jewish society as a whole. I'm just product and have educated me and my students are like. In particular I remember attending this class last year and named it "the strange theory decreasing value of kisses made by a fool confusing price with value acts "and will beyond "Only someone who has a profound poverty within himself, is able to think that an act of love has price "is probably right, but my students remember, like that first kiss.

Well, this is the cornerstone of many other theories ... and many marriages. Under this premise
Economic theory was built based on the offer, theory that saw human beings as a resource to
production service, such as land or machines. The study of diminishing returns in the economy will lead to equilibrium theory economic, which is always when the price equals the marginal return. That is when the price equals value. Therefore I tell you, it is true, and this writing, that the foolish mistake alone price with the value of things. Fools, and the market since nothing would be sold if the price of goods not was equal to or less than the value that gives the buyer.

At that moment the bell rang announcing the end of the class. Thank God it was the last class because I am very concerned about expansionist ambitions the Germans, and I just want to be home with my family, and hearing the news, hoping that Hitler has realized that we can all live without if you need to kill the neighbor.